MediaPower New Media Communications (founded in 1994) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hooked on Graphics Design Studios Inc. which was incorporated in 1992. Now having relocated to Squamish, BC in 2013, we service all of the Greater Vancouver, Squamish & Whistler regions, not to mention any other location the world over.

Since 1993 we have been progressively engaged in the development of graphics and new media multimedia communications for businesses & professionals, empowering them to project their image and message in a professional, sophisticated and highly effective manner.

Initially starting as a graphic design firm called Hooked On Graphics, engaged in the production of newspapers, newsletters, business cards and other print media, we quickly realized the rising potential of multimedia as the pre-eminent method of business communication and we promptly engaged in the technology by 1994, to form MediaPower New Media Communications.

In 1999, Hooked on Graphics with MediaPower as its New Media development division, became the founding partner of Mindware Design Communications, to create an entity that did more than just New Media production, to help companies and professionals plan effective communication strategies. While the partnership of Mindware Design was dissolved in 2004, MediaPower remained active as one of the premier developers of the strategic, technological and artistic elements of New Media Development & Production in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Evolving into Multimedia Production under the banner Mediastreams Communications, we became the leading producer of streaming web video for business users, which inevitably led to its further evolution by 2004, into the field of Live Event Webcasting with Live Streaming Video as MediaStreams.ca

The company along with its evolving iterations, was founded by Pesi Unwalla. With a background and knowledge in art, photography, design, science, multimedia and business, he combined all these attributes, providing a valuable service to businesses & professionals, helping them project their image in a more powerful, professional & effective manner. Click here to view his complete profile on LinkedIn…

While we continue to focus on providing Live Event Webcasting services to our clients, we have revived our services offerings to continue to provide graphic design, video production, digital imaging and web development, to support them more fully. The shift of focus towards live streaming was determined by a public shift towards Live Event Streaming, of which we have been one of the pioneers in Vancouver BC.


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