Some Web Design Tips You Can’t Ignore…

Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of Great Design – Your website represents your business. Is it making a good 1st impression?
Good design is about much more than pretty pictures – it is all about Effectiveness!

Here are a few important design tips that you may not have incorporated into your business site… We all know the benefits of attractive design, simple navigation and clean layout. But are you incorporating 4 important design techniques to push your business website to the next level?

A Clear Call-To-Action:

Are you including text and/or visual content, buttons and links on your pages to prompt viewers to click-through? If not, you are missing out on possible customers. Use Calls-to-Action throughout your site to encourage visitors to what you would like them to do next.

Visual Hierarchy:

Does your landing page have a primary focus? An area of interest that gradually decreases in importance as one scrolls down? By providing a focal point on your site featuring a large image at the top of the screen you should boldly announce the main value proposition of your site and business. After all, this is what you want all your visitors to see. While this feature can be integrated into your site header/banner, having a separate and prominent visual on the top of your landing page is of vital importance.

Streaming Video Content:

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is surely worth a million! Web surfers are relying increasingly on video to educate them – whether it be on your brand, your product features & benefits or even just on your brand. Consider producing brief but focused videos on your product, service, or your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) to create interest in your site and increase conversions from viewer to buyer. And incidentally, all search engines give greater importance to sites incorporating streaming video – which will give a tremendous boost to your site ranking.

In addition, you should consider implementing a ‘video library’ archive to make navigating your videos easier for your viewers. Make sure your videos are all uploaded to one of the common video platforms. With a large percentage of the market share, YouTube is a good choice. There, you can create your own channel for yourself and integrate it with the video library on your website.

A Mobile Friendly Site:

These days if you still haven’t converted your website to a responsive site you are way behind the curve! This should be top of the To-Do list. Mobile use is soaring: Increasingly, we’re using our tablets and smartphones to surf the web. In fact, of all the devices, tablet use had the greatest annual growth from 2011 to 2015, at 120 percent!

Go ahead, take a second look at your website and ask yourself if you love the layout and design and if it includes the points mentioned above. If not, give us a call at 604.970.5055 and we will work with you to create a great looking site that not only displays well on any device but more importantly, is effective from a business perspective!