Pretty websites are all very well, but when considering effective web design for businesses & professionals, the question you need to ask yourself is…
Will They Bring in More Business?

While this may sound like marketing fluff, it is something that every business owner needs to consider very seriously – the need for your website to work for your business…

Functionality   |  Ease of Use   |   Effectiveness


Our Objective is simple… when it comes to web design for businesses & professionals, we gear every aspect of our design and development efforts solely to meeting your business objectives & then apply our “Art Meets Commerce” approach to make your website stand out high above the crowd!
There are many excellent ‘graphic designers’ & ‘web developers’ out there, but finding one that can understand the business and marketing needs of a client is very difficult to say the least. When it comes to Web Design for Businesses, even more challenging is finding someone who has the ability to offer the full range of ancillary services required for effective web development – all the way from strategy & concept, to technologically advanced New Media solutions like Image Creation & Editing, Video Editing, Streaming Web Video, Streaming Audio, Databases, Programming, etc., & still do it in a cost-effective manner.
(see our standard packages & pricing)

Engagement: Multimedia or Rich Content is the most powerful means of communication, which if expertly implemented, can raise your website to whole a new level. Perhaps the biggest challenge is to balance the wants and the needs to fit your budget.

Affordability: We Know that Cost is Always a Consideration: While not every company is willing to invest tens of thousands of dollars to execute the high levels of sophistication demanded by audiences today, we aim to come pretty close to that goal, without damaging our client’s wallet.

The One-Stop-Shop: Our goal at MediaPower is to provide maximum value to our clients in a way that saves time & money. We are ideally set up to undertake all aspects of digital media development – entire, large scale projects or just the bits & pieces which some clients may require.

Standard & Custom Web Design Packages for Every Budget


A simple 1-page website for basic web presence, with a custom designed banner in the color scheme of your choice. The banner will be customized to include your logo, images, etc. with a custom layout for the single page.

The site will contain text content and an image with a simple feedback/opt-in form.

A very effective, standard 3-page site to project a simple web presence, with a custom designed banner & navigation bar, designed in a color scheme of your choice. A customized banner is includes your logo, images, etc. The site has an easy to read, custom layout & contains your text content & images plus a simple feedback/opt-in form. A Standard 5-page website for your web presence, with a custom designed banner & navigation bar in the color scheme of your choice. A welcome page with a customized collage image is also included along with a matching custom banner including your logo, images, etc. The pages will contain your content and a simple feedback/opt-in form.
$375.00 $650.00 $875.00

Note: Any streaming videos contained in these websites are extras & will be billed separately
Additional options & customizations as well as extra pages can always be provided for an extra charge

Get Reliable Yet Inexpensive Web Hosting starting at just $6.95 per month

Our In House Capabilities that may go into designing & developing your projects include:
Graphic Design

Web development and programming
Web based Database design
Scriptwriting and Voiceover Narration
Concept Development for Sales/marketing projects
Photography and Image Creation
Image manipulation of your photographs
Video shooting & non-linear editing
Streaming Video Production
Flash, Shockwave, 3D Logo Animation
Video / audio / encoding and conversion
CD/DVD authoring and replication
Here’s an example of a recent website we designed for a concert pianist client of ours

Example of web design for businesses & professionals

Thank you Pesi!
I absolutely love my website & will be back to create my brochures !
I am beyond pleased with Pesi at MediaPower for his impeccable service at creating my website .
“He was extremely helpful in guiding me through the whole process. He is very personable , knowledgeable, talented and patient and he pays close attention to details. “He was very quick in responding to my emails & phone calls and was an absolute pleasure to work with.
“I would highly recommend his services to anyone !”

Victoria Gomon
Concert Pianist & Teacher