Shooting video with your iPhone is all very well, but making it look professional to promote your business image effectively, is quite another matter! At MediaPower we produce Digital Video for Businesses & Professionals that is effective & professionally developed.

Digital Video for Businesses & Professionals

Corporate Videos
Executive Profile Videos
Corporate Messaging Videos
Equipment Demonstrations
Website Intro Videos
Video Testimonials
Animated Titles
Animated Illustrations for PowerPoint & Websites
Online Video Commercials
Video Interviews for Websites & Presentations
Video Slideshows for websites  
Event Videography
Regular Videography Services

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Videographers who just shoot video are a dime a dozen. But Digital video is more than just knowing how to use a camcorder – a lot more goes into producing business videos that promote your business or profession in a way that will bring in business.


Greenscreen Video Production
Post-production & non-linear editing
Concept Development for Sales & marketing projects
Voiceover Narration & Recording
Graphic Design & Layouts

Photography & Image Creation
Image manipulation of photographs
Titles & 3D Logo Animation

Video / audio / encoding & conversion
Streaming Web Video Production


Producing business videos starts with developing a concept based on your actual promotional requirements. 

This is followed by developing a script for narration, recording the voiceover using a good voiceover actor and finding suitable background music or sound effects. Sometimes sourcing a specific type of onscreen actor is necessary. That’s when the project actually begins to take shape.

Shooting footage in high definition – on location or in the studio, with or without the actor, involves experience with sound, lighting and creative camera work.

The raw footage is then fed into the timeline of a non-linear video editing program like Adobe Premiere Pro, for compiling along with synchronizing the voiceover and audio tracks.

Post-production Editing follows, making cuts in the timeline to create the proper sequences.

Many other procedures may go into completing the project – Product Photography, Image Editing & Collages, 3D Logo Animation, Title Sequences, Animated Illustrations, Onscreen Text, etc., are just some of the ancillary items that may be needed.

Once that is completed, the project is encoded in High Definition as well as in a Standard (Lower) definition for streaming it online as web video.

At MediaPower We Excel at Producing Digital Video for Businesses & Professionals that Promotes Your Image in a way that Projects Your Business Objectives Effectively!