Micro-sites to Stream Single Events

This service is designed as an economical, cost-effective solution for you to host the occasional, single, Live Event Webcast on a professional, feature-rich platform – without the need to pay for developing a whole new website.

Microsite development for live streaming events

It can incorporate features like Interactive Chat Screens, Viewer Registration capabilities and even Pay-per-View Solutions for organizations who just need to host occasional Live Webcasts. Whether you need to host your Live Event Webcasts on a blank unbranded screen or a screen with your own custom branding and corporate identity, look no further – we  provide any feature you need, including…

  • Your corporate look & feel with your logo, header image, etc.
  • Maybe a viewer registration page
  • Login for viewers of password protected webcasts
  • A Pay-per-View form
  • Email auto-response
  • and much more…

Have a look at what you can expect from a blank, unbranded, Live Webcast Display screen
Note: this demo screen includes a Live Interactive Chat feature which is provided as an optional extra.
Note: While the above screen is not branded, for a small, one-time fee, we can also provide you with a reusable, custom branded screen complete with your corporate identity, color scheme, promotional message, logos, etc. (see an example of a custom branded screen we have created for one of our clients)

If you would like host your events on a professional looking website – whether unbranded or customized, with or without an archival section or even a fully loaded, self-managed CMS site with user registration capabilities, protected access, etc., take a moment to visit our site dedicated to developing websites specialized for streaming video and live event webcasting at Webs4Videos.com 

Call  604.970.5055 if you need any more information on our various packages, pricing or any custom features you would like to incorporate, or just send us an email with your requirements using this form and we will get back to you asap with all the pricing and technical information you need to…

…Host your next Event Webcast with a Professional Look that Builds Value for Your Organization.