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CMS – Content Management Systems for eCommerce

With a CMS Website you now have the ability to Manage & Administer Your Own site content without knowing a word of html or any other programming language.

Take the Joomla platform for example – it is free, open, & available to anyone under the GPL license. Here’s what you can accomplish with a powerful CMS system like Joomla!
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JoomlaNow you can Create & Manage your own…

  • Shopping Carts
  • Inventory control systems
  • Data reporting tools
  • Application bridges
  • Custom product catalogs
  • Integrated e-commerce systems
  • Complex business directories
  • Reservation systems
  • Customer Communication tools

Take Control of Your Own Website – here’s everything you can do with a good CMS system…

Content Management
A simplified three-tiered system of articles makes organizing your content a snap. You can organize your content any way you want and not necessarily how it will be on your Web site. Your users can rate articles, e-mail them to a friend, or automatically save a PDF. Administrators can archive content for safekeeping, hiding it from site visitors.

On public Web sites, built-in e-mail cloaking protects email addresses from spambots.

Creating content is simple with the WYSIWYG editor, giving even novice users the ability to combine text, images in an attractive way. Once you’ve created your articles, there are a number of pre-installed modules to show the most popular articles, latest new items, newsflashes, related articles, and more.

User Management
Joomla has a registration system that allows users to configure personal options. There are nine user groups with various types of permissions on what users are allowed to access, edit, publish and administrate.

Authentication is an important part of user management and allows users to use their existing account information to streamline the registration process.

Media Manager
The Media Manager is the tool for easily managing media files or folders and you can configure the settings to handle any type of file, whether it be images, pdf files, documents and even streaming video. The Media Manager is integrated into the Article Editor tool so you can grab images and other files at any time.

Language Manager
There is international support for many world languages. If you need your Web site in one language and the administrator panel in another, multiple languages are possible.

Banner Management
It’s easy to set up banners on your Web site using the Banner Manager, starting with creating a client profile. Once you add campaigns and as many banners as you need, you can set impression numbers, special URLs, and more.

Contact Management
The Contact Manager helps your users to find the right person and their contact information. It also supports multiple contact forms going to specific individuals as well as groups.

If you want to find out more about your users, it’s easy to create polls with multiple options.

Help navigate users to most popular search items and provide the admin with search statistics.

Web Link Management
Providing link resources for site users is simple and you can sort them into categories, even count every click.

Syndication and Newsfeed Management
It’s easy to syndicate your site content, allowing your users to subscribe to new content in their favorite RSS reader. It’s equally easy to integrate RSS feeds from other sources and aggregate them all on your site.

Menu Manager
The Menu Manager allows you to create as many menus and menu items as you need. You can structure your menu hierarchy (and nested menu items) completely independent of your content structure. Put one menu in multiple places and in any style you want; use rollovers, dropdown, flyouts and just about any other navigation system you can think of. Also automatic breadcrumbs are generated to help navigate your site users.

Template Management
Templates are a powerful way to make your site look exactly the way you want and either use a single template for the entire site or a separate template for each site section. The level of visual control goes a step further with powerful template overrides, allowing you to customize each part of your pages.

Integrated Help System
A built-in help section to assist users with finding what they need. A glossary explains the terms in plain English, a version checker makes sure you’re using the latest version, a system information tool helps you troubleshoot, and, if all else fails, links to a wealth of online resources for additional help and support.

System Features
Speedy page loads are possible with page caching, granular-level module caching, and GZIP page compression.

If your system administrator needs to troubleshoot an issue, debugging mode and error reporting are invaluable.

The FTP Layer allows file operations (like installing Extensions) without having to make all the folders and files writable, making your site administrator’s life easier and increasing the security of your site.

Administators quickly and efficiently communicate with users one-on-one through private messaging or all site users via the mass mailing system.

Web Services
With Web services, you can use Remote Procedure Calls (via HTTP and XML). You can also integrate XML-RPC services with the Blogger and Joomla APIs.

Powerful Extensibility
These are just some of the basic Joomla features and the real power is in the way you can customize Joomla to suit your specific needs.





Basic site – Standard 3 page, template-based site with non-custom banner and design.

Includes: a Shopping Cart for 20 items or less in not more than 5 categories, with a Free PayPal connection for taking online orders.

We will consult with the User to help add items to the database.

Reliable Web Hosting available starting at just: $7.95 per month.

Customized 5-page website with your custom banner & a custom design/layout.

Includes: CMS (Content Management System) functionality with 1 dynamic form & any 1 module of your choice (e.g. newsletter template, survey, etc.) – user has admin capability to add products, pages, images, etc. based on their customized web design.

Also includes: a Shopping Cart module for multiple
items in not more than 10 categories, organized in a
searchable MySQL database with an
online payment option via PayPal  if required.

We will consult with the User to help add items to the

Customized 10-page site with your custom banner & a
custom design/layout.

Includes: CMS (Content Management System) functionality with 2 dynamic forms & any 2 modules of your choice (e.g. eNewsletter management, Mass Mailing, Surveys, Event Registration, Streaming Video, etc.) – user has admin capability to add products, pages, images, etc.

Also includes: is a Shopping Cart module for multiple items in unlimited categories, organized in a MySQL database with an online payment option to PayPal or your regular Merchant Banking Gateway system.

Includes 3 months of FREE Web Hosting & 1 free domain name registration for 1 year.

Starts at
Starts at
Starts at


Also included in the CMS Website fees: upload/setup of files on your server plus 1 hour of telephone consultation/training on using the system, adding pages, images, text, database management, etc.

Note: users will be able to add & edit their own content after setup.


Anything goes and Everything is Possible!

For building a complete
Online Point-of-Sales CMS Website
, we will provide a custom
proposal based on a detailed needs assessment of your project.

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