Self-administered WordPress Websites


Building a CMS (content management system) website is often more cost efficient and allows one to make quick & easy changes and modifications to the website without having to depend on a web developer – and one of the most popular platforms with which to achieve this objective is WordPress.

Earlier this year, WordPress websites passed the 25% mark, as the popular platform of choice for running a quarter of all websites the world over and for good reason – It has a loyal user base and thousands of developers dedicated to the platform, who are continually developing ever more features to enhance the system’s functionality. 

This screenshot shows what a WordPress Dashboard looks like – it allows the site owner (you) to edit your own pages and do everything that a  professional web developer could do.

The advantages of building sites in WordPress far outweigh any minor disadvantages and these days for most simple website platforms we recommend developing sites on the WordPress platform. This does not mean that WordPress is not as powerful as other CMS platforms – all it means is that WordPress is more user-friendly and has a much lower learning curve than do other platforms like Joomla or Drupal.

 Here are some of the benefits that WordPress offers…

  1.  Easy to self-administer:  You can edit and make changes to the website content (and even design) yourself without having to know any HTML coding.  Adding pages, blog posts, products, images and editing text content is ridiculously easy on WordPress.  This ends up saving on unnecessary expense since you don’t have to pay a programmer to make every little change you need done.
  2. Less expensive to build:  WordPress offers a huge variety of themes (many of them free) which can be used to build a site to your specific requirements.  When you begin with a theme, you cut down significantly on the amount of time it takes to develop the structure and in some cases, even the design.  (If you don’t find a theme that you like, we can also build you a theme from scratch, though that does increase the cost somewhat).
  3. A Custom Look-and-Feel: The vast number of themes which have been developed for WordPress (both free and paid) makes it easy for you to design a site to your individual preference. Any amount of ‘bells and whistles’ are available for WordPress sites – video players, animated banners, rotating banners and testimonials, blogs, surveys, user forums, the list goes on and on…
  4. Unlimited Functionality: WordPress has the largest number of developers who are constantly developing ‘plugins’ to increase the functionality of your website.  Just like apps in the smartphone world, where there is always “an app for that” WordPress offers more paid and free themes and plugins than any other CMS. This means that when you want to add a certain feature to your site, you will always be able to find a plugin that exists for it. As functionality goes, the sky’s the limit.
  5. Mobile Friendly: These days, most WordPress themes are developed as mobile-friendly platforms which work as well on computers as they do on small mobile devices. This is especially important in this age of increasing mobile surfing on smartphones.
  6. Search Engine Optimization is simple: Google, Bing & other search engines love WordPress sites anyway and WordPress itself offers several powerful search engine optimization tools that make doing your own on-site SEO simple and effective. A technically healthy site is no longer an optional consideration but is a prerequisite for SEO success.
  7. E-commerce: is an easy option to add to a WordPress website.  If you have an e-commerce store, you will often find yourself updating your products, pricing, sales, coupons and more and the ability to do this yourself without hiring a programmer is a great incentive to use WordPress.  Plugins like WooCommerce are extremely effective in doing all this along with offering detailed reporting.  Building e-commerce into your website has never been easier or more cost effective!
  8. Live Streaming Capability: Now you can stream video of events Live on a WordPress site without any difficulty. Not just live streams and live webcasts but also videos can be posted on your site using a variety of video player plugins that make it ridiculously easy to display your multimedia content, while also increasing the SEO quality of your site at the same time.

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